24 July 2009

i confess - - i'm a haggard blogger...whew!

it's rili been a tiring wik! ahmpf!
andame ku dpat gwen! huhuhu!
i hate doing a lot of proj. haha...but its part of life...yeah i knoe! haha!
i just finished attending the cariir asesmenTt seminar..and yes i do get a lot of infos about college lyf..wuhooo!
i wish i was a college student (*sigh*), but it'll have to w8 until, uhmm? 2 yirs? or maybe 1?
i will take up dentistry...san ba dpat akung skul?
i'm planning to choose mcu, ceu, en fatima...haha!
well, anywayz...
just think that lyf must go on...
en third yir hyskul is part of lyf...so deal wid it..haha!

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