31 July 2009

whew! the week has ended!!

haiizt!, really it's been a tiring week for me and my fellow saint john's!
who would have thought that we could last this week! hehe!
kala nga nmen, patay na katawan nmin pero isip namin lng ung gumagana!! haha!
anyways...here's the couple, no not couple, the MANY things we've done...

1. finished our papier mache'!...
- it's really hard to make this yucky damn thinG! but you should make the fun out of it, right?? how could a bunch of small papier mache fruits beat the big paper mache's of the fourth years! it's hard you know!!...

2. finished the tiring makabayan!
- makabayan is a really cooooooOl event, aside from intrams, it is where the sections take unity......just to win!...i was part of this so called makabayan...i joined the poster making contest....but sadly i lost! (ooaaaaAhhhHh...T_T)... peo oki lng nman un...d naman ikakamatay un eh! haha!

3. finished our project in computeR!
- whew! i was so glad when i finished my/ our project in comp. I even miss my class just to do this! haha! anywayz! that's all!

HiraP tLga!! AWTZ my bodii is aikinG!

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