30 August 2009


,.yesterday, its the day we got our cards!...*grading cards*
,.i'm sooooo happy that i didn't fail...well i usually don't fail! haha!
,.but i'm soo sad cause' i didn't enter the honor students...*what a rainy day T_T*
,.its okei...i wish i was on the ranking *wish!wish!wish&wish!*
,.it may seem cliche' to say that "babawi aku sa 2nd grading!"..pero yan ang ga2win ko!! woohoo! *fighting spirit: ALIVE!!*
,.but...what a proud brotha' am i?
,.my lil' sis got the 1st place!
,.as treat; we went to the church, went to sm marilao and ate at shakey's...haha!
,.after we got our bellies full and swell, we bought our september issues of k-zone...haha!
,.that's what happened yesterday!

"reach for the moon, so if you fail....you'll fall on the stars!"

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