12 November 2009

am i worth it?

probably not. the fact that i'm:

5.naughty and mischievous....and a lot!
6. those old corny jokes i whip out sometimes!
7. my dreadful demands.
8. and anything else that you want to clarify.

the question is, am i worth your time? grabe, cguro mhirap tlaga akong maging bestfriend...maxadong demanding! I have to admit, i really got envious, with you and your other friends...(ako pa ngselos eh? haha)
i just want to thank you for being there, standing by me...
everytime the sun hurts me, your on my shadow helping me to pull up!...(bka maiyak ka...nasa comp. shop ka pa nman! wag ka umiyak jan...muka kng tanga! haha! peace)
you are such a big help for me...(wag mu akalain na kaya kita tinatawag n bestfriend dhil 'may iba akong intensyon', ibahin mo ko! haha!) sana nga you'll never get tired of me and my att. stay the same, i love you the way you are. i hope so are you. just want to say sorry...for the many times i've hurt you..probably i will say that. i didn't mean it but c'mon! let's not fool ourselves, sometimes i really mean those. to get your attention, to focus on me.
i'm so self-centered...yes! i know...
and i thank you for all the love, care at pagtu2pi ng dmit ko. tigilan mo na ung ibang works for me, kaxe bka akala ng mga tao nanay tlga kita.!
smile, kaxe parang ang bigat ng mundo para sau eh. basta...isang malaking sori!
*sana bshin mo to.*

*wala ako pera pambili ng sorry bear...haha! kaya e2 na lng.!

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