12 February 2010

no space for parking in the valentine's mall..

valentine's day.
a day of chocolates, sweets, gifts and lovers.
everytime i hear this so-called
"love event"
i cannot help thinking...
why do people just often say those three words...
only during this occasions...
well it's just my point of view,
i dunno if others find this weird.
but all the 15 years of my life,
i've never had a date on valentines...
for me it's just a date. (nice buds!)
we can still go for a date during ordinary days right?
what's the matter with us people?

"people seldom say i love you, and when they do it is often too late...or the feeling wasn't there anymore"

i truly believe with this quote!
people make the most of their lives without telling their love one's how much they love them...
and by the time they thought of putting it into action...everything's too late.
i better tell my love one's how much i love them...
before it's too late...


*badtrip/pagod/walang ka-date*

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