27 August 2010

Day 02

The meaning of my bloggers name? Sound weird. Titles are not my forte. But I started this blog as a personal blog, so the name should be...am? Personal? LOL! I entitled my blog as simply "blog ni eyoh". Nothing too fancy, just a blog + my name = myblog! So after months of stopping blogging, I decided to go back to blogging again. I changed the u.r.l. and blog name to Spinning Ball of Space. The name "SPS" (Spinning Ball of Space) was taken from the song If It's Love by Train. A good song, accompanied by great lyrics. A part saying... "spinning ball in the middle of space, i love you from your toes to your face!" really stick me whole! A catchy part. SO no meaning to be particular. But if i'll interpret this, maybe this blog is just one blog among the blogosphere which is considered space. Keep spinning!

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