29 August 2010

Day 03 (Night 03, to be specific)

A picture of me and my friends
Here's a picture of my friends. Including the nuns of my school. Check out our smiles!

Another picture of my friends from the Computer Club. The lady in red is our Acdm. Coordinator!
  "Friends, the fewer you got, the more loyal they get."

The list said picture of you and your friends. Plural meaning a picture with different individuals. LOL

Here's a video of my two best friends!

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  1. Hi RF! maraming salamat sa pagsspecial mention ulet saken..pero ndi ba nakakahiya na bida-bida nnmn ako?..haha! pero maraming salamat talaga!..
    naappreciate ko!..ipapabasa ko to kai webcam:)