23 August 2010


"I am not prepared" says my brain. Then I thought, what's the point of having an impromptu speech if we are all prepared. GOD! Am I that predictable? :D
Impromptu speeches, scary. Include the phrases my teacher told us, "it's now or never!", a major nerve wreck! I picked a number, wishing i'd go last or first. Sadly, luck wasn't on my side. I picked "23", but for greed's sake, I tried to take advantage of my pressured seat mates and got the 6th place. It's the first time I tried doing an Impromptu speech. So I stood up, grab a topic and began to animate. :D Words started to flutter through my mouth...some are relevant but the others, nonsense! The hardest part for me in impromptu speaking is the organizing part. What idea goes first, the next one, the last etc. My hands are all sweaty. yuck. When I realize that i was just making blah blah's i quickly bid ado! :D Watta experience! On the brighter side, it's the experience that counts!

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