18 September 2009

tgif...(thank god its friday)

at least this weeks over...
and i'd like to announce that there will be no classes on monday!
so let's have a weekly recap

monday: no classes, i didn't do nothing (haha!)...just chillin' out in front of a tv, and watchin' some of my ol' gud dvd's...guess what? i got a dvd of wizards of waverly place...it's so cool...*EZBANO UTOOSIS* it think that's a spell i learned...hehe! then some spongebob movies...*are you redii kids? aye aye capt'n!*

tuesday: of course class starts this day...as a regular class goes by, it just like one...sometimes i feel that were only controlled by super stupid aliens forcing us to go to school cause were brainwashed and all we could do is wait for a super extraordinary hero from outer space that can reverse the spell but the he just finds out that his ancestors are one of the villains causing him to die and kill himself through the authorities...hehe *what a story* ain't that cool?

wednesday: same thing, same school, same friends, same teachers, same chair, same....all the same....SAME AS THE ALIENS...haha!

thursday: sadly i could not go to school, i have to choose between boring-ness from school and kindly matters at the house...of course i'd go for KINDLY MATTERS....im an angel don't you know?  a fallen angel...heehe..

friday: is today...many things happened...i wonder?...*bt palaging absent ako, may nangyayare? anu un sumpa* am i cursed? hek2...but sadly, the varsity team won't be going to claim victory...*sigh* were not allowed to play...for some i don't care reasons...he2!

TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY....wish this weekend will be great...reminds me of a song of nickelodeon tv...

hey my friend you gonna wanna weekend, weekend fun you wanna weekend.,...etc. so on!

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