20 September 2009

why it's good to be a child

it's good to be a kid because...

1. its easy to choose colors; where everything pink and blue is a favorite.
2. no need to make-papansin cause you're already the center of attention
3. no matter how bad the things you have done, it'll always be blamed to your older brothers and sisters.
4. when answer incorrectly, people says "ahh, ang cute naman ng bata", but if you're already an adult and answered a question incorrectly people would always say "ang tanda mong bugok!"
5. where every problem is fixed with a toy
6. when you touch someone's "sensitive parts" they'll say it's just a accident but if your and adult and do like one, they'll say "MANYAKIS!"
7. no projects, just say please to your ate's and kuya's and they'll do your work
8. no chores
9. gifts are everywhere especially during birthdays, christmas, even just simple gatherings.
10. everywhere is a urinal....hehe!

++plus! alot more!

god, really i want to be a child again...

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