13 October 2009

banana cue trippin'

haha, sadly my classmates and i can't walk, cause' if you can see, it's raining.
but yesterday my classmates and i actually were just a few.
we ate some banana cues and soda's.
while walking, we were boisterously laughing, we passed a court where a lot of men were playing basketball. My classmate we're eating like a commercial model. haha! and the man started saying "ay! model ng banana cue at softdrinks!" at first we didn't mind it. but my classmate suddenly jump in the act and said. "ebe beket? (slang!)"..haha! sooo funny!
then when we're at the peak of harmony, my classmates bought isaw and chicken feet (or foot cause it's only one). then i said (pointing to the chicken foot) "anu yan? back scratcher?" haha!

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