11 October 2009

empty space.

no space for you here in me. i better find someone who's more worth it. love comes, but i must go...far away. after this i might, no not might, i will and must move, not on but forever. moving forever and not on. it's your fault, compared to a fish i'm a big catch...hehe. but you'll never taste any piece of me.(wait a minute, i compared myself to a fish? haha!) sometimes, i would think why god puts a heart with every humans? what's his purpose? for us to be hurt? to feel? to be broken? to be happy? or...to learn from your mistakes, and in every shit damn swamp, you must learn to stand and move. i know it's a great memory, but i'd rather miss it, for missing it makes it a part of a great memory. right? again no space is provided here for you, and i will, or i think i already found her. so off you go...T_T

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