09 October 2009


since we're having some do this! and do that's i decided to leave my poor blog alone...(awhh...) but i just refreshed from those hectic days, and now my blog is up and workin' just fine.
This week was the CSJDMPRISA Meet 09', it's an interschool competition where my school, la salette competes. It's wednesday, i think. It's the opening celebration we met lot's of schools...hmp! we're waitin' for the game of our varsity in volleyball, but sadly sh*t antagal pa! so we went back to my school, to fetch so of my classmates. I think they might come, yeah sure! We went there to the gym at around 1:00, wait and wait and wait. still waitin'. around 4:00 pm, the match started. We opposed with the team of OLLA. They're good, but we're better, no! BEST! the fight began with a blast, so as the supporters of both teams...haha! a fight is happening...ohoh! HAHA! they're so pikon! haha!...:D we take this as a joke but they took it seriously. haahaah! what's even more funny is their player whose underwear is taking a peep. I see paris, i see france, i see someone's underpants!! haha!... it's yellow...hek2...then her teammate's are so furious with us. WE enjoyed the match, i think it's the most controversial one...haha! sadly we lost. ahmpf! but still....look on the brighter side of the story, we reached the temper of OLLA, that's what you call a fight! (O.L.L.A, olla, olla, OLLLLLLlllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!) we really felt bad, still there's a second chance, hek2...
2nd game, loser vs. loser, the fight started. and we reached the temper of SMS (another school) "we're soo bad" one of us said "taray ng taray, mukha namang nanay!! haha) yuck! i don't want my mother to look like that... MGA MANDIRIGMA! AHU! AHU! AHOOO! still we lost. but it's not sayang cause they really did their best and they tried so hard. It's like, they joined the competition with the risk of winning and even...losing. i have heard that we won in the oratorical contest! nyc Yan2...haha!

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