06 October 2009

trigger tigger, trigger tigger, say many times....

trigger, yes my asthma triggers! i hate being asthmatic. here's how it starts...
but first, lemme' just remind you that i've finished all my projects!...weehee!
it all started last week, we were rushing so hard just to pass our projects.
friday, examination day. i ace the test, but i don't know if i got the answers right. saturday comes, I remember hearing the news, that our school has won so many titles in the CSJDMPRISA pageant. congratulations! sunday was on it's way, i knew that we have a practice for the intermission dance in csjdmprisa, but i didn't go. because my family went on a lunch with my uncle, who was about to go to singapore (actually he's been living there, he just went here to fix something) we ate at gloria maris at the Block, the food was great but it's not the same gloria maris, that we ate before...but still the shabu-shabu was fun and fantastic. after that we went our separate ways, i was so excited with the packege my uncle left for us. I GOT SOME NEW KICKS! wohhoooO! so monday comes, it's still our exam, but we didn't mind the exam what we mind is the projects. We were about to go to leizel's house when the choreographer appeared and said that we have a practice for the Tango...shocked! we continued, but our bodies our aching! ahmmpf! still we carry it. I went home at around 8:00 something, my mother was so furious. and i'm feelin' something, it's coming from inside...it's asthma. OUCH! i think i overdo my self...better rest, my mother said, that's why i took an absent today, we went to the hospital for some check ups, the first time in the year that i went to my pulmo-. ahmpf!
next time, no there will be no next time, i should know my limitsd....lesson's learned.

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