21 October 2009

yesterday...*baket ba plaging yesterday ung post ko? bdtriP!

yesterday, i hurried home! why? because evil monsters are after me! eep! kidding...
well, i hurried home tomorrow cause...THERE WILL BE A BIG PARTY!!! kidding again...haha!
anyway, the real deal is here.
i hurried home yesterday cause my family will go to the mall, to buy gifts to my cousin in japan. HAPPY BIRTHAY! CONGRATULATIONS! haha! so while looking for some clothes (we went to the teens section, cause my cousin is sooooo fat ;D peace!) we found some clothes that i really like for him, but my mother said, it wouldn't fit, the style is ugly, the color is not nyc, the size is small. like she's the one having her birthday! ambitious! haha! anyways, after checking out some clothes. we circled the mall to find a good thing to eat, "i'd stick to corndog" i said, my mother and sister bought shawarma, then i said "yak! kadiri amo'y arabo na kayo! haha!" then we went to the donut shop, i prefer krispy kreme donuts but my mother insisted go nuts do nuts...pangmatanda kasi un eh! haha! after swelling our bellies we went to the second floor cause i said that i will buy sweet corn...*shit! baboy na aku! kain na aku ng kain!* to my surprise! epal ung miss sa stall, nawawala... so i went to another stall of sweet corn and at last i satisfy myself! whew!
i went down to my aunt at the bowling alley, actually they only go there for the arcades not for the bowling. haha! i approached them and said "meron pa kayong token?" they replied none! ouch! how can i play! the machine that my aunt is playing needs peso coins not tokens. so i decided to drop one...YES! i won, from one peso i led myself to hundreds of tickets ready for redeeming! haha!
i try to put those tickets to my card, but my lil' sis, said that she wants one. since i still have another card that has 100 ++ points i said if i could give it to her (the old card) then take the new one for my own, cause after all i'm the one who played.
after a while she started to have teary eyes, and as usual my mother would comfort her. WHAT A SPOILED BRAT! shit! my mother said that i should cut 100 tickets from my card, and give it to her! what an insolent...! uhm! she's always like that. whatever she wants she gets it, whatever she demanded she'll have it! ahmpf!
my mother noticed that i have a long face, but she didn't mind. >_
I know that its quite childish to fight for some tickets over my little sister, but she must also be considerate! i worked hard for that! it's not my fault i'm so lucky! haha! it's hard being an older brother, sacrifice is needed.
sometimes, i got even blamed for what she did wrong! why?! i wish that the situations will turn and she will be the one on the hot seat! haha! anyways, the lesson here is that...
"people sometimes become childish, it's a part of growing and we can never deny the fact that sometimes being childish brings either negative or positive effects! look before you leap, nO! look forward before you leap, cause maybe there's a wall in front of you, just waiting for your face to be slapped after you leap! so look forward, never look back but never forget. haha! naiba na ung topic! iconek nyu na lan! haha!"


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