27 October 2009

reflect daw!

"in this world where it is normal to kill someone you hate, do you think you'd still be alive now?"

wow! nyc quote, my teacher gave that to me...hahA! I think i should really reflect this one...ouch!
well anyway...i got pissed this day, i dunno why but i do. i'll connect that on that quote ei?!
people sometimes become differential, that's why people hate them. like my classmates, my friends, and anyone you know, they hate. like what the quote stated, hating is a normal thing...who knows maybe someone hates you too?...right?
so hate, to be hate, and not to be hate that is the question. haha (hamlet?) i have another quote but i don't know if it's right...

"love and pain is a package, when you experience pain, then it means you experience love?"

tama ba yan? just replace 'pain with 'hate' and you'll get use to it. haha!
well...reflect that too...haha!

SEMBREAK NA! weepee! i luv breaks....kaya break na tau! haha! juk lng.

sembreak, sembreak, sembreak, and a lot of rest is going to happen...

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