01 November 2009

a life of s student... :D

i am a student. to be more specific, a third year student. based on what i experienced and saw, this is the life of a typical student or 3rd yr. student in my school.

**before you read this, please be reminded that in every break time, we copy each other's assignments and take home 'sumtings' but anyways, get used to it. its part of life**

1. WE always wake up 5:00 am or maybe 4:30 am. some folks, wake up 2:00 am in the middle of the dawn....not because they really want to go to school but to play with the computer....hak2!

2. WE make it to school at around 6:50 to 7:00, those who come after seven, are students that are..........

3. WE start the class at around 8:00 am, but the teachers in the morning will not show up until 8:10 or something.

4. THE second subject is the free time.

5. THE 3rd subject is...........................boring. yep! you can't deny it! our introduction for this subject could be "ladies and gentlemen, here comes the booooooooooring subject" *ting!* *ting!*

6. at around 9:30 - the bell will start to ring.....yehey! but the teacher will say it's not our time but the elementaries *psew! what a rip off!*

7: THE teacher will be over time for about 10-15 mins. and we are really fed up! badtrip!

8. RECESS comes, one of the things students want in their entire highschool life. the time for chatting, playing and whatever you like, you do it in recess. and based on surveys (actually not surveys, but slambooks and autographs) students prefer recess as their favorite subject! count me iN!!

9. after TWENTY mins. the next teacher will be waiting at the gate of the building, and we will run upon seeing her. haha!

10. THE next subject is funny. ahaha! and we're laughing our butts off with this subject. very interactive. wee!

11. THE next subject is also fun, our teacher is funny. AIYOSZ! - her tagline. she taught us hard problems, and easy results.

12. LUNCH comes, and we need to hurry eating so that we can play a lot. ahmpf! 'palagi kaming nahu2li ni sir pag naglalaro! badtrip! pinapatigil kame!'

13. ITS EITHER this subject or that subject. *it varies with the day, MON&FRI: VALUES ED - TUES,WED,THUR: COMP!

14. WE are dealing with chemicals, catalysts, ewan ko! at kung anu2 pa! parang masakit sa utak! but not really, it's really fun. especially when our teacher whips a nice old game about our topic! hehe!

15. TWENTY mins. break again and this time we don't mind eating, just playing or sometimes doing assignments. haha!

16. OUR next teacher comes, he hates things that are not into place. 'lalo na ung mga nagtatanggal ng sapatos...haha! kinukuha nya ung sapatos, tas pati ung panyong wla sa pwesto' "tila ba ang mga bagay na ito ay street vendors na pinapaalis ng mmda sa lansangan" haha!

17. THE next subject is happy. anu daw?! haha! basta we we're so happy this time cause it's just minutes away from dismissal wee!

18. DISMISSAL comes! weeee! haha! it's our time to shine....hehe!

19. THE students will go home *actually dismissal is 4:00 but students go home at around 5:30*

20. THEY will open up their pc in their houses and chat what happens in the day not knowing na magkasama sila sa classroom! haha!

**subsets ng 20**

a. magpapahinga unti!
b. open the pc, chat and do somethings. open their facebook, harvest their crops at their farms in farmville, open up their restaurants, and check out their mafia wars acc. haha! some students blog, like me. others just open their pc, wasting so much energy and electricity. haha!
c. they will eat their dinner.
d. sleep.
e. do all the things all over again!

SEE? sinong third year student ang di mapapagOd?! ahuhuhuhuhuhu T_T

"walang estujanteng hindi napapagod - nakuha ko sa tanging ina."

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