31 October 2009

are we good?

so far, my sembreak has been good. but it's quite boring also! ahmpf! i can't find things to do...haha!
this week has been tiring. we went to the mall, and played some kind of "lucky-chance-something game" and we lost! ahmpf! haha!
just want to greet you folks, a very happy halloween! wee! candies, chocolates, costumes and scary stories. much about that, we don't celebrate it this much here in the philippines.
and more breaking news!...i just broke my sim card! nyc one! so everyone delete my old number and stick this new one ---- 09054557859 ----
what happened now was really funny and i really want to share it with you guys! haha!
here's how it ghost .... get it? ghost! haha! *whew i really need to stop my corny jokes ;D*
my little sister just woke up and she requested some foods from my ate, my mother and i were seating in the sofa when a commercial, i mean scary commercial went on, and she jump from one seat to another! wahahaha!
i wish i could have video taped it! haha!
i have been getting mad (my teacher told me that using mad is so slang, cause it means insane...so we better use angry) i have been getting angry to my ate! she's been using my ds, without recharging it again and again! and i have been telling her to chARGe it again and again and again! ahmpf! so i decided to, do nothing...ahmpf!
and right now, she's whining about her 'harvests' in her farm in farmville...
ahmpf! till now! bye...dooty calls...get it? haha! dooty as in poop! haha! *man! i really need to stop!*


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