14 November 2009

pagod! pero masaya! weehee!

right now, my eyes are a bit sandy...i haven't slept for how many hours...i think 8-10? haha!
(buti na lng wla ng praktis sa skul....:D) whew! it's so exciting...!
i wish it would happen again!
well, it started around 4:00 pero ung mga tao dumating mga 5:30 na! haha! according to my friend (this is his exact words) "kung sino pa administrator naten siya pang di punctual!" - pointing to my ever dearrest adviser...na naligaw pa sa Ormoc? ang galing dba?
haha! the assembly started at around 6:00 the mc's are good, but i can't hear the mic. really! then here comes our soo awaited cheer/yell competition...kme nga ung may pinaka mahaba eh, nakakahiya! ahaha! that was fun!
the next thing i know is that i'm starting to get bored with the commentator "sorry mr. commentator but i really think you're corny" he teaches us some wacky steps and many things that made us "NyyYeeK!" the comes a time where he would call a word then will stand and say 'hep!'!?! alas! the corny one was replaced by a good one. Bro Jojo! woohoo! haha!
with his lines like..

anung tawag sa makapal ang muka? Facebook!

pag may katabi kang may putok sabihin mo na lng "HAPPY NEW YEAR", pag umamoy ulit, sabihin mo "BOMB THREAT KANA!" haha!

thank god he was there! haha! then the next thing i know we we're counted 1 to fifteen and we group ourselves with another **note that you can't be seatmate with the person with your same uniform...plg it should be alternate!**
here are my groupmates:
1. Steven
2. Faye
3. Reanne
4. Arvi
5. Yuki
6. Ed/ Ted
7. Liza
8. was me!
9. Johpet?
10. Sir Ian...or just Ian
11. Sarah
12. Vienna
13. Jannina
14. Nathaniel
15. Lel? haha!
16. Daniel...

those we're my groupmates..i got along really with yuki and liza. they're fun! haha!

to be continued...o kaya to be recap again (anu daw? redandant?!)

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