26 February 2010

lessons learned

this week had been very tiring.
4th grading na kasi eh.
i hate rushing, i hate procrastination, i hate passing project late.
just wanna share a lesson i learned today...
this whole week, is the final passing of my projects
and i have finished a lot of it, but one is still hanging, whether i can pass it or not.
this project is for geometry...
a mini book-let..(redundant?) about geometry...
we thought it is still due to next week,
so we relaxed and go easy...
later on the afternoon, (that day.) our tchr, said that it will
be the passing on friday!
what will we do?
patay! tuesday na...kaya kaya yan?
since it is still tuesday, we decided to divide the works into some parts...
then on thursday, we will compile it in our classmate's house...
so its settled.
on the eve of thursday, i heard thta on thursday, we'll do our project overnight...
i said yes, without realizing things i need to realize.
so we went there, did our projects and said that we'll enter school half day...
fine. sakto na yon.
i wasn't worried at all.
what could be worst?...
at around 8-9 in the morning, we printed the work
and decided to book bind it...
then when school comes...
i was unaware.
i thought no one will notice.
kala ko wala lang...
since the past years ginagawa ko ito pag di na talaga kayang ihabol ung project.
ano naman? isip ko.
but i was wrong...so wrong..tsk3!
my classmate came to me and bring up the bad news, that our adviser,
got really mad, because half of the class didn't attend morning classes.
badtrip! classmates nman?! bket kau sumabay...
sablay na tuloy.
to the fact na kasundo ko ung teacher na yon..
my two classmate's faces were like pumpkins squished when they heard the bad news.
ano naman, bakit kaya sila natatakot?...hmm. e sa gumawa tayo ng project eh..
dun pala ako nagkamali.
edi sermon nman ang abot ko.
but i didn't regret a thing...
para san diba?
i just said sorry, pero talagang nasa isip ko...
"bakit nga pala ako nagsosorry? e diba hindi siya tumatanggap ng sorry"
i know that. di ko na lang talaga napigilan..
i stated that the project wasn't a valid reason for missing class..
i should have learn how to value my own time.
one at a time.
like what you said.
"you can never do two things at the same time"
i believe that.
but it's just the rushing, and the rushing, and the rushing...
i didn't think about the consequences..
rude, mistaken, masakit sa ulo.
but now, lessons learned.
thanks Ms. Fat
na miss ko din ung sapok.
i dunno but there's something...
hindi ko alam.
sorry na. kahit di ka tumatanggap.
thanks talaga...
worth it yung guilt ko.

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