18 February 2010


"if you don't want to go too far from the shore, you'll never see the other island"

ganyan tayo lahat! scared of losing and loosing something really important for us...yet this quote is true. how can you see far what's beond if you're afraid to take one step from touching it...haiizt! i have to admit that i'm one of those people who wants to but they don't get to anyway...someday maybe courage will urge this boy how to act up as a man...palaging natatakot. bakit ganon? risking something...para kang tumataya sa sugal...pag nanalo thanks, pag natalo ouch! bakit ganon? wala talagang perfect sa mundo...sa ibang planeta kaya? phew! don't you get irritated to yourself when you want something but there's this 'something' backing you up saying you can't? i get those feelings alot! and i hate it! who's with me?

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