24 August 2010


Its sad when the person you know, become the person you knew. A quote I saw...big coincidence! The irony of life. Tomorrow, I'd like to wake up and trust that everything will be fine. A question bugging me, did I changed? Maybe I did, maybe I don't or maybe I didn't change at all...this is me at the first place. Sorry for the people I offended. It's like going back to the past and altering things, then when you come back, everything is not the same. Trust in myself and the "true friends" I got is the best way to sustain this dilemma. GOD help me. So much for being a teenager, do you experience this? Cause' if you do, then I'll consider myself normal...if not, then let's pretend I never existed. :( 
(so sad, so sad, what a sad sad situation.)

1 comment:

  1. thank GOD you have true friends to notice that..
    coz if they didn't notice that something's wrong, it only means you're not that important..:) smile RF. :)