24 August 2010

Day 01

A recent picture of me, plus 15 facts about me.
my recent picture (you can refer to the other picture, at the side of my blog. Which is pretty much the same photograph.)

1. Scared of spiders. Don't know why, all I know is i'm scared. Being fearless doesn't make you a man, it makes us human.
2. I love anything that involves a computer and techy stuffs. I totally enjoy this kind of things, my life saver. Everytime I boot my PC, it's like the sun rises and shines. Addict. I always get the scolding portion in our house. All because of sitting by the pc, doing nothing. LOL
3. I can't go out without perfume. Consider it un-manly, but it's the hygiene that counts.
5. The first quiz I scored zero was my quiz in Filipino when I was grade 3. So much for being a Filipino?! 
6. Single.
7. I consider myself as a weird person. I like to think that I am not normal. What a brain i got! 
8. I easily get distracted....ooh what's that? see? distracted!
9. A family oriented person.
10. There is no #4, and you decided to look back. :D I always fool others. A prankster at heart.
11. For me, the most precious part of the body is the eye.
12. I totally flunked at sports. Not a sporty dude, i'd rather sit and laugh.
14. I like reality shows and parody films!
15. I always try to be myself, when I'm in front of others. I try to get attention.I don't like to blend in, I'd rather stand out! But most of all, I appreciate life and evrything that revolves around it.

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