24 August 2010


I was like, WTF! I'm sitting pretty here while there's a hostage drama happening in the Philippines? LOL! Shame on me! Shame on the Hostage taker! *dumbass!* It's a big embarrassment for us Filipino People! The idea of the hostage really creeps me out! I have heard a news saying Filipinos are banned in HK (Hongkong) aw. How about Disneyland?! (Is it in HK?) And when you say embarrassing, did you mean the police and the SWAT team, who totally did nothing? Oh, wait they did something...like putting our country to a major mud pit! :D As for the hostage-r(?) nothin' I can say. *dead* After the incident at Quirino, i switched the channel and i saw every nation tele-casting the event. Then I crumpled in disgust. Aw men, the whole world is laughing and mocking us! Holy SH*T! At least we appeared on intl. television! But still. :(

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