21 September 2010

Les Famille

The Family. To make my scorching week complete, another event was celebrated. Annually, my school celebrates the Feast Day of Our patroness, along with the Family Day. Every year, this had been a tradition or whatsoever. I really love gatherings! But I must say that every Family Day of my lifetime has it's own pro's and con's. This family day is quite typical. Foods are brought by students and gets eaten by parents. That IS life. :) What I hate about this family day, *no offense* are the parents who eat like PIGS! HAHA! One blink then BOOM, the food is gone. It's like we're survivor cast-aways! Scavenging for food, looking for ice, searching for desserts! WAAAAAH! THE HORROR! :) But one thing is for sure, I can't take that away from people. It's their initiative. *to eat like wild beasts?!* Maybe I'm just over-reacting, or maybe not. :) Well, anyway the main purpose of this day is for the unity of each family member. I'm glad I got my crew back at our car. :) The whole half of the day (?) is spent for watching some silly ethnic dance/ mass demonstration (the one I mentioned of practicing. remember?) The other half is spent chillax-ing :) In short, the whole day is nice. I can't post pictures from the event, because of my lost camera. SADLY my last family day at my school is celebrated without pictures! HOW BORING! :) PEACE OUT XD

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  1. eat like pigs? your just over-reacting.*rolled eyes* haha..
    RF, i think you felt bored because you chose to accompany wrong persons. haha! Lucky for me, i enjoyed chatting with my BF4 XD..