09 September 2010


tough week. a lot of practicing, plus a lot of practicing which makes it A LOT OF PRACTICING. Pretty weird. The whole school is preparing for the event of a lifetime. (huh?) My last intramurals in my alma mater. :( Next week is the real event but we prefer to prepare (get it?! haha) earlier. The early bird catches the early worm, therefore and early worm is breakfast to birds. WHATTA! From practicing to birds. My mind is really exhausted, as a bee (And now I included the insect's kingdom! Hooray for BIOLOGY!) What more can this week offer? We have our ongoing PRACTICE (again.) for the MASS Demonstration, which is the ethnic and tribal dance! (Anu kinalaman sa intrams eh?!). Tomorrow might be a holiday but, for us it's not. Our class will have a practice (for the third time! is that 3rd?) for the said DEMO. So good luck to me, the section's of St. Monica and Luke, plus a very big "GOOD LUCK" to all. :D *NANAY MO PLANTAE. miss.*

I'd like to share this pic. Speaking of plantae, here's a note from plants vs. zombies. STUPID zombies, it's like they don't have b......rains. :D BOO ZOMBIES! GO PLANTAE!

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