19 September 2010

My LAST Intramurals.

The past week burned me up! Seriously, it did! :) It's our annual Sports Festival at our school, and everyone is busy playing and having a good time. For students, sports festival is the time for skipping academics and the start of some shear good fun! Sport gears and balls are seen by and by. The sports fest started with the annual parade of teams. (which is not a parade, AT ALL!) Actually every year the nuns of my school (catholic student 0:] *ehem* ) starts a procession (which is also not a procession, AT ALL!). It's more likely to be in between a procession and a parade. First, it's a parade because teams are gathered together, forming a massive crowd of cheering freaks! LOL. Second, muses and escorts are standing in each team's vehicle representing the said team. Third, it's fast. :D But then again, the last car on the parade-ish procession is the vehicles of the nuns. While each team are yelling, the nuns are praying. PROCESSION. :D After the route of the procession, (and when I say route, I mean people-less roads! HAHA! The next thing I knew was, everyone is wearing their sport gears shooting baskets and spiking balls! :) Everyone is busy, I think? This is the longest intra murals ever recorded in my school's record of longest records. 5 Days of non-stop playing. Well, actually there is a stop especially breaks! Speaking of breaks, our cafeteria or canteen (socialism LOL.)  thinks they can hold our necks to buy their monopoly-ish foods, well fear not! Because the booths are here. Lemme give you an introduction about booths. A Set-up of market like thing-ies, you buy, you pay, they get the money. That's our booths! Back to the monopoly of the canteen, the Student Body Org. conducted also their booth. All I know that it is a movie booth, but they broke the school's tv, making the movie booth move. (get it?! haha!) So they set up a small business of hot dogs and popcorns. Who's the loser now canteen?! BEH. LOL (childish much?) Back to festival, all I know and all I want is to play. I don't want to miss this last intrams for the world. It's now or never. I played under the sun! And it works! I'm tan. :) haha! Actually not just tan, more of burned. LOL! The whole week is tiring but it is really rewarding. But what I like the most is the unlimited wi-fi usage. :D So all the not-so-sporty type of person can lounge in. :) I personally say that I really like the idea of wi-fi usage. I'm a techy kind of person. After the fifth day, my body is showing signs of malfunction. HAHA! Not really, but slight aches cover my body! To make the matters EASY (sarcasm) practice of the MASS DEMONSTRATION is after the fifth day. Making it the whole week! GRR. Anyways this week is WONDERFUL CRAZY! Wonderful, coz' the last intra murals is heck-of-fun! But still, you can't be happy all the time. :( Anyways! The last intra murals is reallt THE BOMB! This can never happen again, the same way it did. At least for the record, my team is the champion for volleyball for the boy's division. HAPPY HAPPY! I endured this sports fest, like how I endured each trial of life.

 "Imagine life like a sports festival, everything is a game, whether you lose or win. It's how YOU played it."

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