26 September 2009

ondoy, shame on you...

yesterday was a terrible and pitiful day...
it all happened like this,
morning, i woke up and the rain was pouring so hard, but we didn't mind it cause' we thought it's just a simple rain. so we continued our daily routine, mom was washing the clothes, ate was still asleep, and my lil' sis and i were playing with computer.
after that are stomachs grumbled, so we decided to eat.
about 2:00 pm, the lights started to black down. but we thought it's just a simple black out. my mother also told us that the water has gone out. we opened the candles, etc. good thing that it's raining, it's not hot. : D
the rain was still pouring, harder than ever. so we decided to sleep, i mean they decided to sleep. i stood there awake, thinking when will the lights turn on. 
around 3:30 my aunt went to our house, and she bought a drink from us. (we have a sari2 store, you know? haha!) she brought up the news that the bridge next to us is flooding with soo soo soo much water!
what more is that the house down there, including my classmate's computer shop was down with water, meaning the pc's there are so wet. :(...even more, the water current is so fast and rapid.
i told it to my mom, but she said that i was just exaggerating...
so she woke up, fixed the bed and decided to buy some stocks of our candles...
when she went near the bridge...she was so shocked, because of what happened. the rumors were true?!?
she said that there are people still on the roof of their houses. AWTZ! 
still the rain went hard. 
then my mom, told me to go with her near the bridge to see what happened.
i was so shocked...
i can't believe it, this is the first time i saw the people and houses near there so pitiful...
*cry2 cry2*
i heard that the water flooded because of the dam, they let off the water.
but the people didn't mind it.
i think, it's not just because of the dam, it's also because of the issues involving our nature and the problems surrounding it, it's a warning.
so beware, humankind...
i'm not scaring you, mother nature is the one..

"pag napuno si inang kalikasan, aapaw un!"


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