02 October 2009

it's october, so i will blog.

it's been a while now..
my projects, are everywhere!
ouch, hump!
september 2009 was a very pressuring month...
i need to finish it by monday.
i still have practices for my project and for the intermission in the opening of an inter-school competition. And right now i'm still doing my project in religion.
this is really a tiring month [september]
hope october doesn't interfere!...
i've heard that a super typhoon is coming here at the philipppines.
i hope and wish that this typhoon will not be like ondoy..!
hallow's day/ Halloween is coming, also the birthday of my cousin in japan.
better greet him right? speaking of cousins, my tita in japan is preggy and i will have my new cuz. yehey!!
they wish that its a gurl. but come what may.

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